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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 things that I appreciates from my hubby

In time for the 10.10.10...

You may think that I don't notice the little things, but... I certainly do. Thank you baby :)

* Our first baby before the real baby came...

10. My hubby always makes it a point to wake up extra early to clean up the sink and dining table to welcome us every morning.

* Tagaytay

9. My hubby always prepare a nilk bottle by the bedside to make it easier for me (Breakfast by the bed for shoti yey!)

* Tagaytay

8. My hubby also makes a pot of boiled water mixed with warm water for shoti's milk every morning (I almost thought that our thermos was never runs out of water he he!)

* Wacky shot

7. My hubby always volunteers (yes, he volunteers) to clean up after the kid's poop and always washes them up nightly for bed time.

* Feels so long ago...

6. My hubby doesn't let me commute, he always fetches me from the office "everyday" when in fact he has already settled at home and can finally rest.

* Angel Bar Photo shoot

5. My hubby buys crab (even if it's not on sale) and cooks it the way I like it without any occassion at all.

* Boracay

4. My hubby never fails to make me feel loved even if he is busy at work. He still asks me if I am awake, asks if I ate already, and what I am doing...etc

* Lonsdale Quay Canada 2007

3. My hubby loves to buy but he restrains himself...and splurges it on me and the kids instead.

* Our Wedding 2006

2. My hubby knows how to apologize after a misunderstanding.

* Sanctuario de San Jose 2006

1. My hubby lets me have my way in the end he he!

I love you very much :)

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