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Monday, October 04, 2010


One of the 4 new Filipino restaurants was Chowking.

I originally planned to order the halo halo form here but all that flew out of the window when I saw the ads that says that they sell Classic Taho....Hmmm...

For those who doesn't know, I love Street taho and it is one of the things I missed the most now that I am here... I have tried all types of taho from Chinese Restaurants to different variety from supermarkets taho sold here but nothing comes close to my favorite street taho :(
* Classic Taho $3.75 a cup. It was considered quite an expensive treat but... 
It was the closest to the street taho that I missed. The syrup still lacks that sweetness.

* Hot Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo was tasty but nothing special. It was more yellowish than what I usually have at Cusina Manila's...

* Beef Tapa and Bangus All Day breakfast Meal

The Beef tapa was really dry but the serving was really big and it was really filling.

* * * * *
1379 Southcenter Mall
TukwilaWA 98188


Diorelle said...

Di tyo nagkita! :(

Kami, fave namin yung chowking... Malambot yung tapa namin, and super gusto ko yung bangus!! Hehe, di kasi ako nagfr-fry ng isda.. Ayaw ko smell. :)

meL said...

hay akin ang tigas but malaki ang serving...

hehe! :)


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