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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's a Jungle inside... Rainforest Cafe

I first saw Rainforest Cafe at Las Vegas...I was thinking that Kimi would have loved the interior and all the interactive animals inside the cafe as part of their design... I was surprised that there was a branch inside the Westfield Mall as well...

* Rainforest Cafe inside MGM, Las Vegas

* Las Vegas' Rainforest

Kimi was a bit scared with the Gorilla and the snake...I don't think she gets t when I said that they are not real and that it only moves because it has a machine inside... She was shrieking when the snake went down form the tree and hissed with it's tongue extending down sigh*

* Rainforest Cafe, Tukwila WA

* Mushroom inspired Bar. Love the Animal-Bottomed bar seats

* Engrossed with the Fishies

 * The Elephant also scared Kimi a bit...

* * * * *

Rainforest Cafe

290 Southcenter Mall
TukwilaWA 98188
(206) 248-8882

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