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Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a Kid's World

We only have one room for the kids to share. It was done way before Kenzo was born so it is a bit on the feminine decor.

* The Fun starts here

The Kimi Sign hangs on the door to their room. This was lovingly made by yours truly hehe! The frame was a gift from Kimi's baptismal in Manila, Philippines. It was actually a frame with 12 places to put a picture in every month. I decided to make something out of it. I used gift wrap from the loonie store and put it on top of the cardboard frame to cover it entirely, then got printed tape from Daiso ($2 store) to cover up the white frame. I bought the lettering from a craft store in Manila and Voila! The Wall decals are from one of the loonie store as well.

* The Bedroom

I love Ikea a lot and it shows with this room. I would have loved a pink themed room for my little princess but I decided to do a primary color themed just to be able to accommodate a boy when the time comes. The crib and the storage bins for the toys as well as the 'V' shelves hanging are all from Ikea. We got the Changing drawer from Sears. I opted for a freestyle border which |I got from different sources. I would have painted the rooms differently but then it was a new house and the paint was still good and neutral so we made use of that.

* Overflowing of toys and Picture Wall Momentos

The toys just keeps on getting more and more...Not that I am complaining :) We got a chain type hanging from the corner to hang the stuff toys in and make room in the floor.

* Book and Toy ledge

* Mini Library

* Photo Cork Board

This little boards actually covers up a little blunder from our initial carpenter attempt :) It turned out for the better anyway.

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Miranda said...

I love this room - SO FUN!! :-)

meL said...

Thanks Miranda :)


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