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Friday, October 29, 2010

Things I've learned from my Dad

My father is far from perfect but I wouldn't trade him for any other father in this whole wide world. He has always been a silent ally in my endeavors and never questioned me on dreams I'd like to achieve. I believe that this is one trait I will forever be grateful for from both my parents. They never belittle my dreams and encourage me to reach for them... no matter how silly they are.

For his special day, I would like to make a tribute on some things I learned from my father (not in particular order...)

* 2006 Sheraton

1. Actions speaks instead of words. My father has never been a talker. It is so funny how it just runs in the family... I always thought that he was the only one like that in the family when his brother came home for a visit before our wedding. Mind you, it was years since they last seen each other and they just sat side by side with the hi's and hello's and some mumblings then...silence, but they have always been there for each other. I guess they just felt the love through action, not through words... I also felt that love through everyday actions from my dad. Everyday, he makes a way to fetch me to and from school... labor through projects with me all evening and when I fell asleep from exhaustion, I'd find a finish (...and unbelievable) project waiting for me on our folding table...

* 2006 Tiendesitas

2. Hardwork. He worked from dawn until dusk. After office hours, he still makes work his way of relaxation. He would go around the house doing repairs and chores. No one compares to his energy....really! I've never seen him sit still and do nothing...even at night he watches TV and do stuffs he took home from the office.

* 2006 March- Ken's Graduation

3. Save your money even if it is NOT a rainy day. My dad is the thriftiest guy in the whole world. He knows the value of hard work and money and make sure that we know that money doesn't grow on trees. He is very good with using all type of resources to make something useful out of junk. He is the master of it a kid's school project, a machine to make work in the factory easier and much, much more! Melted candles? He can cook it up into a floor wax.. He was also the one who gave all of us our haircut when we were young(er), now it is only my grandma who agrees to have her hair trimmed by him... I guess he is wise to know that when the going get tough, you need money to fix things... so, SAVE UP!
* 2006 December- Grandma's House

4. My job, your job....nah! No to stereotyping. My dad doesn't do categories. He does what he can regardless of what the society dictates. He does the cooking at home all throughout the years and doesn't make my mom feel guilty for doing so. That's brings us back to actions speaking louder than words... He just does it without complaints and sometimes, I admit, we neglect to thank him for, THANK YOU DAD! I really know now how hard making a menu is and I am just lucky I don't still do cooking regularly... (Thanks to my mother in law :)...)

* 2007 Sleeping through his job...

5. He taught me that Love exists... He may not realize this but I believe in love and fidelity in marriage because of him. When everyone talks of infidelity at this world and age. My dad has always been faithful and still is to my mom in all ways. It was not a smooth relationship but they always try to work things out and celebrate the differences instead of magnifying it.

* 2008 February- Chinese New Year

6. Importance of Family. We used to urge our dad to go out more with friends to unwind but my dad chose to spend time more at home, with us. He is way ahead of us, he knows that Family is the one constant in our lives. Situations may change, some people may come and go depending on your choice, decision but family will be there for you, always! I used to complain about having to eat together but now I realize that I miss that the most now that I am away from my family. 

* 2008 June :( - A Goodbye kiss from Kimi
This was the day of our departure...

7. Don't let people take advantage of you.  He always tells me that I should not take advantage of people and don't let others take advantage of me. If I choose friends, make sure that you help each other out...Friendship are not one way. Each had to put their weight into the relationship to make it work. I didn't realize it then but now it really holds true when you are old(er).
... Thank you dad for all these lessons... I wish that you will be able to meet your grandson, Kenzo soon. :(

If there is one thing I wish for, I wish that I don't have to live so far away from you all. That you will be able to see my babies grow up and be able to enjoy them physically not through the means of advanced technology...but I am grateful for it though. I just wish...the relationship was more, personal.

( I wish I had brought more pictures with me from when I was younger...)



mich said...

happy birthday uncle!

meL said...

uy chelle!

nagbabasa ka pala :)

miss yah!


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