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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's in the details...

A party isn't about how much is spent but on how much love was put into the details that makes up that party...

It was a fun journey making the party with Kimi... It was also a good way to build up her excitement towards the date of the party...
* The Menu

* Cutlery need not be boring...

* Quench your thirst with this colorful water bottles

* Kenzo's Birthday Cupcake

* Kimi's Cupcake Birthday Cake

* Mickey Pinata

* Loot Bags for the Kiddos

* Some Ferreros for the Adults who has a sweet tooth

* Candy Pie wedge for Adults to take home

* The Sign for Kimi's Cotton Candy Station

*** More Pictures to come... :)
Pictures from my camera and Steve Dy

Special Thanks to Steve Dy for the Pictures...

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