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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


What I love most about Kimi at this stage is that she can communicate...Although sometimes it comes out funny instead...

Sweetest Thing Kimi says to me EVERYDAY
Kimi: I love you soooo much Mommy Bunny
( She loves Guess How Much I love you book courtesy of Ninang Ciara)

More Sweet Sentiments from Kimi
Kimi: When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

Everytime mommy coughs
Kimi: (concerned) Mommy? Are you ok? You should drink more water!

On Eric's last day in Canada
Kimi: Uncle Eric, Don't leave me
Eric: Why?
Kimi: Because, I LOVE you... Naks! 

Papa and Mama talking, Kimi interrupts
Mommy: Kimi, say excuse me...and wait
Kimi: Ok mommy, EXCUUUUSE ME!
Mommy:  Wait! Mommy still talking to papa
(Talks to papa then when finished...)
Mommy: Kimi, what do you want to say
Kimi: I just want to say I Love you...

Kimi: Mommy? I love you the Best!

Mommy comes home from work.  Kimi always waits by the staircase, looking towards the door
Kimi: Mommy! You're home! I Miss you!

Funny Thing Kimi said to me (us) sometimes
Kenzo loves to move his hands a lot and sometimes hits Kimi on the forehead when she is in his way
Kimi:  Mommy, my eyebrow hurts....
Uhmmm... Eyebrow?! Forehead, Kimi

Kimi: Mommy, is papa going with us to school?
Mommy: No, Papa will be at work
Kimi:  Oooh! We are going to have lots of fun! (Sorry Karl! he he!)

Mom driving and Dad the backseat driver, frustrated with Mommy
Kimi: Papa! Don't shout. You are a bad boy. Hmph!

They say kids don't lie... I was trying to catch Kimi whether she was sleeping or pretending to sleep
Mommy: Kimi? Are you sleeping?
Kimi: Yes Mommy (Eyes shut)
Mommy: Are you sure?
Kimi: Yes Mommy, I'm sure

...There are so much more but these are the ones on the top of my head

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Awww... Mel :) You have a sweet and beautiful relationship w/ Kimi. All the hands-on work, breastfeeding, etc really does pay off. You inspire me to make a similar entry... just so I will always remember. :)

PS. Can't wait for you to drive me around. :)


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