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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Kumares @ Kumare

It used to be just eating out but Mommies get together are evolving to more than just that...

Make Up Session/ Lunch together for this month's Mommy date...

 * Birds as logo... I wonder why?
Birds of the same feathers...?

* Chicken Pandan...Tasty

* Crispy Pata... Everybody loved this

* Laing...Could have been better

* Kare Kare... It's good

* Binagoong Rice..I forgot what it's called in Kumare's

* Pancit Palabok? I didn't get a chance to try this... 
Too engrossed with the other dishes he he!

* Buco Pandan

* Ube Cake

* Sansrival- More on the Creamy buttery whipped taste than the one in Goldilocks

* All Made up: Sarah, Only Single Sharon and Jo

* Also Made up: Glenda, Mel and Joy, the Makeup Guru for the day

* All Smiles from us...

...and who says that Mommy get together are blah?! 
Cheers to more


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Richmond Central 
8130 Park Rd
RichmondBC V6Y

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