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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not so Little Korean Supermarket...

It was my first time to come across this Korean Supermarket. Think of TnT, Korean Version. Every counter got a Korean Translation of what the signs mean and aisles of Korean stuffs. It was my first time and everything looks new and exciting. Time was limited since I noticed that heater wasn't on and it was a bit cold or maybe because of how the layout was done (almost all the perimeter of the store is fridge) it was a bit to cold for my comfort.
* H Mart Facade, Coquitlam Branch

* Korean Decor: Scarecrows dressed in Hanbok

* Korean Supermarket Cashiers
* Just like in TnT, they have a sushi station

* A variety of side appetizer for sampling

* Beef Station... Marinated Beefs for sale here

* Korean (?!) Baby Girl... We actually look a lot like the customers
except we have a major language barrier

* Looks a bit Korean too...

* They have small appliances too...
What really caught my attention is the endorser... 
My Korean crush from the series "Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart"

* Of course, Not cooking regularly at home
I bought some snacks only... maybe next time I will buy the big variety of Korean sauces...

* * * * *
H- Mart Korean Grocery Store
205-329 North Rd
CoquitlamBC V3K 6Z8
(604) 939-0135

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