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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

School Blues: Week 1

One of the good things from school everyday is that I get to use all of Kimi's clothes... he he!

It was also a test run for me to start driving on my own... so it was an adventure for both me and Kimi...
I got honked a few times but still good :)

It was a challenge for me the whole week

First Day: Driving alone to school and to work

Second Day: Finding a new route to school, going to the nearby library plus drive to work

Third Day: Driving in snow and parking in the mall he he!

Fourth Day: Driving to school and fetching hubby from work

I didn't dare add a new challenge on the Fifth day but decided to start driving with another baby (Kenzo)
yesterday... Uhmmm... I decided to leave him with the in law today. He is such a noisy baby shouting  all the way to school. - STRESSFUL! 

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