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Monday, February 28, 2011


Chocolate of the week...

I thought this was a huge chunk of chocolate inside so I saved this for last...

Good thing though,

it was consists of small chocolate bars inside you can peel one by one...

Whew! I thought I had to eat it all in one sitting....

This was so yummy... I am so glad I didn't gave this away.

Thanks ERIC!

True! Ha ha!

A belated gift from an office mate....

So Funny!

Kimi's Rain, Rain lyrics...

Rain, Rain go away come again on mother's day....

Mommy: Kimi, it's some other day, not mother's day
Kimi: okay mommy

Rain, Rain go away come again on Kimi's day...

Ooooh... okay some other day nga.... Eeeep!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally Settled!

Can't wait for March to roll in...
I can finally say that I am really going back to Manila after more than 2 years....

Bitin because it's just for a little over 2 weeks but I am not complaining...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kimi-bee sings a Valentine song....

String of Words put together to resemble some sort of lyrics for her special song for Mommy...

I really don't know if this is an actual song or one she just made up but... It's CUTE!

* No Video, It was dark when I recorded this and decided not to open the lights so as not to distract her from her singing :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

I can feel the love :)

Thanks to everyone who greeted me on my birthday...

I really felt the love even if I miss my family from back home...

* Flowers from Karl, Kimi and Kenzo
Thanks to Sarah for buying the makeup essentials for hubby
You just save him from going around sephora....clueless!

* Thanks for all the wishes...

* From Little Kimi

* From my ever thoughtful sis :) Sabbie :)

* Thanks Glenda :)
Lip smacking! Mwaaaah

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pasingit Birthday...

Didn't expect to share the limelight of the tea party with a candle blowing to celebrate my upcoming...birthday

* Birthday Cake

* it was a long time since I had to blow a candle...again

* Chua and Ang Family :)

* Chua Family Photo

Photo Courtesy of
Charlie Ng
Stevenson Dy

Diet? What Diet....?!

How can we focus on diet if we have these kinds of food to....ahem! Eat...?!

Thanks to Joy for hosting this Tea Party...

* Ooh la la... Foamy drinks personally prepared by Joy

* The Feast...

* Macaroons - Sarah

* Egg Tarts - Mel and Sab

* Homemade Pandesal- Joy

* Braso de Yummy - Joy

* Passion Fruit drinks - Joy

* Marshmallow Brownies - baked by Wilbert

* Timbits - Jo

* New Town Siopao

* Us Three :) Joy, Glenda and Mel

* Almost Complete Gals... where's Jo?

* Glenda, Jo, Joy, Sarah, Mel

* Appreciation Pic :)

Photos courtesy of
Charlie Ng
Stevenson Dy

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Kimi's friends in HIGH places...

have friends in high places
to know important people who can help you get what you want

In this case though, it is literally friends that take you HIGH he he! Far from Mommy's reach...

Looks like a family of 4 :)

Kimi looks like she is enjoying herself way too much..mommy selos!

Sweet Moment

Auntie Twinny Storytime Corner

Uncle Stone's Ferris Wheel Ride

A Go at Uncle Stone's Ferris Wheel

Krafty Kimi

I know that TV time should not occupy a lot of their time... 

So I had to make some activities to keep Kimi from asking for her "cartoons"

Foam Craft Kit: Theme of the Day is Bumblebee

Bzzzzz as a Little Bee... 

Kimi's Finish project...

...a little tweak from mommy as some little foamies that went into the wrong spaces

Dine Out @ Cardero Restaurant

I was really looking forward to Dine Out Vancouver

Unfortunately, The Mommy's Dine Out didn't push through but then an invitation from the Vanicans made it possible for me to atleast do one Dine Out for this year...

* Dine Out Menu

Fresh Local Albacore Tuna
I'm still craving for this one...

Cedar Plank Sockeye Salmon
This is so so...

Great Company makes up the mood of the night.

* * * * *
Cardero's Restaurant

1583 Coal Harbour Quay
Vancouver, BC V6G 3E7, Canada
(604) 669-7666

More Fortune for Chinese New Year

We ended the year of the Tiger with lunch at Metrotown's Fortune Restaurant.
...Atleast for me and Glenda :)

I'm so glad I got another new meetup I can look forward to every week...
This is my "ME" time in between classes... and I spend it meeting up with another mommy friend, Glends....

* Fortune House Restaurant, Metrotown Mall

* Dine out Vancouver...
Unfortunately, they are booked solid until the 6th of February :(

* Dine Out Menu... :( Looks Yummy

Rice Noodle Rolls
Rice noodle rolls or cheong fun (腸粉 cheong fun): Wide rice noodles that are steamed and then rolled. Fillings include beef, dough fritter, shrimp, and barbecued pork. Topped with a sweetened soy sauce. 

Mango Pudding

Chicken Feet

Taro Dumplings
Taro dumpling (芋角 wu gok): Made with mashed taro, stuffed with diced shiitake mushrooms, shrimp and pork, deep-fried in crispy batter.

Scallop with Shrimp Dumplings
Shrimp Dumpling (蝦餃 har gau): A delicate steamed dumpling with whole or chopped-up shrimp filling and thin wheat starch skin.

Pork Buns
Char siu baau (叉燒包, char siu baau): The most popular bun with a Cantonese barbecued pork filling. Steamed to be fluffy and white or baked with a light sugar glaze to produce a smooth golden-brown crust.

Fried Shrimp Dumplings

* * * * *
4700 Kingsway, Bristish Columbia 1A, British Columbia 99A
Burnaby, BC, Canada

(604) 438-8686


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