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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diet? What Diet....?!

How can we focus on diet if we have these kinds of food to....ahem! Eat...?!

Thanks to Joy for hosting this Tea Party...

* Ooh la la... Foamy drinks personally prepared by Joy

* The Feast...

* Macaroons - Sarah

* Egg Tarts - Mel and Sab

* Homemade Pandesal- Joy

* Braso de Yummy - Joy

* Passion Fruit drinks - Joy

* Marshmallow Brownies - baked by Wilbert

* Timbits - Jo

* New Town Siopao

* Us Three :) Joy, Glenda and Mel

* Almost Complete Gals... where's Jo?

* Glenda, Jo, Joy, Sarah, Mel

* Appreciation Pic :)

Photos courtesy of
Charlie Ng
Stevenson Dy

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