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Monday, March 14, 2011

Around Sentosa Island...

A train ride with Sentosa Express from Vivo City mall takes you straight to the different areas in Sentosa Island...

Stations are:
Sentosa Station (Vivo City Mall)
Waterfront Station
Imbiah Lookout Station
Beach Station

* Exclusive Train that gets you around Sentosa Island for just Sgd 3.00

* Excited... hehehe!

* Photographer Eric... exhausted from the Self Timing feature of the camera

* Self Timer at Lake of Dreams

* Mom at Waterfront Station

* I'm taller now... Cherifer ang gamit ko :-P

* Next batch to have their pictures taken...

* The Thinker- Original Model

* Merlion

* Taking a picture with the Merlion in the background

* Me too...

* Nadulas! Nah.....Me three...

* Wacky... We had to wait for the people to disappear just to get a full shot
...not an easy feat... took us way too long... 

* * * * *

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