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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Exploring Serendra, Taguig

Before I left for Canada, Serendra was a new hip place to go to. I was excited to see what was new 3 years after. 

There were several new retail stores like MUJI which are brand-less quality items which I still find a bit on the expensive side. They reminded me of Canada's DAISO. A lot of the familiar brands back home like La Senza was also present as well as unfamiliar brands imported from Asian countries like Singapore... etc.     

* By the fountain Sculpture
(L-R: Eric, Eileen, Kimi and Mel)

* Sound tubes... You push down the circular tube to produce sounds..
(L-R: Eileen, Kimi and Eric)

* Kimi and Mommy

* A NASA Astronaut statue graced a restaurants front

* Little Kimi enjoying the outdoor

* Peek a Boo everyone
(L-R: Eric, Kimi, Eileen)

* This sculpture requires one person to make a sound on one end then the sound travels to the other side :)
Eileen is paging for something?!

* Hmmm, This makes a good spot to take pictures he he!

* The King is mine!... No! He is mine...
(L-R: Eileen, Elvis and Mel)

* * * * *
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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