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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kanin Club @ TechnoHub

Vancouver has its share of Filipino restaurant but when I arrived in Manila, I was looking forward to eating at one authentic Filipino cuisine

Kanin club is a good choice for such an experience.

* Kanin Club at UP Ayala Land TechnoHub

* Laing - nothing special, just the regular Laing

* Crispy Dinuguan- taste like chicharon (pork rind) with dinuguan sauce
I personally like it

* Sinangag na Sinigang- I love this rice dish a lot. Pretty inventive
Rice that tastes like Sinigang. Taste just right and a few pork on the top like the Sinigang soup dish we are used to plus a touch of a real sampaloc on the side.

* Bagoong Rice

* Binukadkad na tilapia

* Stuffed Squid- I love this one too!

As for the price, I imagined it was a bit on the higher price range but taste-wise it was like coming....home. Perfect for balikbayans or for people that wants a new way to eat Filipino dishes.

* Eric and Kimi after a filling lunch

* Wacky shot...kuno!

* Kimi strikes a pose outside the restaurant

* Introducing my uncle ERIC!

* I love everything here! Feels like home haha!
Feels like a PARK!
I knew it! Canadian pa din by heart...

Thanks to Auntie Lynda and Auntie Shirley for the nice treat :)

* * * * *

UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub, Commonwealth Ave., Diliman

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