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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A trip to the Teeth kingdom

Dentists in Canada are quite expensive and they have a different way of doing things like we're used to. A small hole in the molar may require crowning and a trip to your family doctor for a clearance and general anesthesia before the procedure. I was, of course, unwilling to accept that this was how to do it especially since Kimi was not yet 3 years of age. You see, I was not given anesthesia when i was giving birth to Kenzo so i thought that this would not be a good way to go with Kimi naturally... right?

I decided to get another opinion in Manila and I'm so glad to have met the dentist referred to me by my sister in law :)... She also grew up in Vancouver and she eased my concerns regarding Kimi's teeth. She referred to Canada's way of dentistry as more aggressive than what we do originally in Manila. She also assured me that the hole in her tooth is too small and can be fixed via filling. She was also good with Kimi and had everything cleaned and filled in one sitting!

* The Little Patient...

* Kimi had a special visitor while having her teeth done :)

* Pretty Tracy with Kimi

* Kimi with her oh so pretty dentist, Dr. Annalyn Chua

* * * * *

2/F Madison Square Bldg., Ortigas Ave. cor.
Madison St. North Greenhills, San Juan City
(+632) 7222391 ; (+63)928-5522424

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