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Monday, March 14, 2011

Universal Studio, Sg... Just Outside :(

It was not a good time to go to Singapore one word, RAIN.
but since this is our first time to go as a family,
not even rain will stop us from enjoying this trip..

It was not practical to go inside Universal Studio when Kimi won't be able to ride much
plus she was a bit sleepy then so we decided to go to places inside the big Island to explore instead...

We took a picture of the Universal Studio from outside of course,
people will be wondering why we went all the way to Singapore and just went to Chinatown
so, here it is :)

* The Well-known Spherical Icon of the Studio

* Kimi was on top of the world sitting in Grandpa's shoulder

* More of us trying to go in for the picture...

* Eric finally got his chance to be in the picture too...

... I wish we were able to take a family picture here.
Next time I'll teach Kimi to handle the camera... hehe!

* * * * *

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