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Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Las Vegas meets Broadway...


When my brother was informed of my final plan to finally go through with a Manila trip, he immediately told me that he will include KAOS in the itinerary... I was like CHAOS? What is that? He told me that it was a play that resembles Cirque de Soleil and that it was realllly goooood. I was thinking, I'm sure it's not gonna beat LA REVE in Vegas.... Hmmm so I was a bit skeptical about spending a couple of thousands right after I just booked a ticket... plus, I wasn't sure about Kimi... she might be not into the show and will ruin it for everyone.

I was glad though that we did watch the show...Kimi really loved the show and it made a way for all of us to watch as a family. A thing that doesn't happen very often. She clapped and asked questions a lot and even picks up some of the scripts between the characters. She also commented on some of the dresses and costumes.

* THE THEATRE - Newport Performing Art Theatre

* Look at the impressive ceiling lighting

* Colorful Carpet and Plain walls to balance the space

I was a bit worried as well if my dad would find it boring and sleep through the show. He has the ability to sleep through movies when we were young and finally gave up on inviting him to watch movies with me a long time ago. It was good to see him watching the whole show as well...

The visuals was really amazing. The stunts will leave you holding your breath especially the stunt wherein 5 motorcycles was roaring inside a huge metallic wire mesh circle. I was mentally preparing myself that an accident might happen. That is how scared I was of that particular stunt. I was also telling Kimi again and again not to follow everything she saw... The mother in me was in full mode while watching the show. I was watching through her eyes and explaining everything just so she won't have an idea of doing some of the stunts with her little brother...

The two guys with immense strength and balance lifting each other up and testing their physical endurance was a stunt I have watched in Vegas but still got me the edge of my seat and cringing inside thinking how painful it must have been for them to do this over and over again while at practice.

I was pretty stunned to hear the voice of the leading lady... It was so clear and so good. I finally learned from searching that she was one of the top 8 Canadian Idol by the name of Martha joy and was Half-Pinay. That must be why she is sooo good..

There was also a range of animals to see... yellow tiger (BETTY) and white tiger (SITO) and white lion (KAOS). picture with the real KAOS costs around Php 600 and the maximum is just for 4 pax.

* The stage with all the wonderful performers

* The Satisfied viewers

* With Kaos the mascot

* Kiddos

* Ken and Eric

* Mom and Dad

* * * * *

Resorts World Manila Philippines 
Newport Boulevard, Newport City Cybertourism Zone
Pasay 1309, Metro Manila, Philippines

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