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Friday, March 11, 2011

Beauty Day @ Bamboo Nail Spa

It was our (sis in law, Sab, me and the kiddos) planned beauty day but Sab's regular nail salon's aircon unit wasn't working so we opted to try another nail salon....- Bamboo Nail Spa.

* Bamboo Nail Spa Logo by the foyer

* Interiors

It was a nice, cozy place with sheer curtains to offer a bit of privacy in between clients...

* The Little Princesses Nail Service Php 215.00

* The Little feet getting painted

* Kimi was a bit rigid during the first part of the service...
First time hesitation?!

* After warming up to what was happening... both Kimi and Sophie started playing around

* Marge was able to join us for a girl's foot service :)

I really enjoyed the mask and the massage done to my lower legs and feet. It was my first time in months to have my feet pampered once again that I might not be a good judge of what is good at that point. Just having someone (anyone) massage and a pamper day is enough to make me swoon with delight. Thanks again to Sab for this wonderful pamper date :)

* * * * *

P. Guevarra, San Juan

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