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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Build a Bear Experience

Kimi finally had the chance to make her own toy... not really make 

* Colorful tiles welcomed customers to the workshop

* Fillers for the new toy

* After the filling, the stuff toy needs to be cleaned up

* A special heart to whisper your wishes to is put inside the bear

* A very friendly and entertaining staff helped Kimi make her dog

* Proud new mommy

* You can also make different sounds recorded for the stuff toy

* Birth Certificate... CONGRATULATIONS!

* Kimi was saying that the new toy is a boy but when she was offered a free bow, she decided to let the doggy be a girl...  haha! 

* Happy Kimi with her Build a Bear Take Home Box

* A Special girl deserves a Bear Sticker...

* Mommy cut my hair a bit too short... sowee!!!
* * * * *
After the haircut

Mommy: Kimi, I'm sorry I cut your hair a bit short
Kimi: It's okay mommy (holding my face in between her two hands)
I forgive you...

Mommy: Do you like your hair?
Kimi: Yes Mommy, I'm so cute

Bwahahaha! That's what you call- The Confidence...!


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