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Friday, April 22, 2011

Disney Reopened :)

Finally! Disney reopened in Metrotown Mall, Burnaby

The line for opening last April 16th was quite looooong... It spanned to both sides outside the mall. There was a line up inside too, of course. I got there at 10am opening to see if we could catch a glimpse of any characters at all. We had to line up outside and managed to get the first 500 gifts BUT we weren't able to witness the opening of the store itself with Mickey and Minnie in attendance... :( Only Karl and Kenzo who were inside was able to see the opening... 

* Opening Day April 16th, 2011

* Weekend April 22nd... No more line up :)

* Interior of the Store

* Trees with projector making movements on a 2d tree surface

* Cool Store Display with rotating characters at the top

* Kenzo in tantrums...

* Kimi poses in front of the castle entrance

* Kenzo loves throwing all the stuff toys around...
No Kenzo, this is not your room :(

* Giveaway on the opening day...

* * * * *
Metrowtown at Metropolis, Burnaby

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