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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye, for now atleast...

See you soon :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Around Stanley Park

This is one place you keep on coming back whenever you got people from other parts of the world visiting...
* Totem Pole

Of course, Vince and Kimi had to wander off and make a scene of their own as well...

* By the rock, the trees...nature lovers?!

* Had a grand time chasing a...bird

This is the new addition to Stanley park

* Klahowyna Village

...and the classic favorite. Vancouver Aquarium.

* Posing with the Beluga in the Background

* Beluga in action

* * * * *

B.C., Canada

Vancouver International Children's Festival

This is the first time that Vancouver International Children's Festival is doing it in Granville Island.

Rewind. Back in 2007, when I was new in Canada, carrying Kimi inside my tummy, I decided to volunteer my ahem, skills doing face painting for... you guess it! Vancouver International Children's Festival which was then held in Varnier Park. I had to commute and do a bit of a walk (while pregnant...) just to do this volunteer work....

So, back to the present. Kimi is now doing pre-school and turns out that the first field trip that we were able to take part would also be the event wherein I volunteered for back then....fate?! fate?! whatever! :)
So, the field trip comes with a musical puppet play called "Music with Marnie" and I was planning to let Kimi take a leave of absence for that day because my friend from L.A. are coming and it was a good coincidence that what we scheduled for that day, was the same place that Kimi's field trip was supposed to take place so everything worked out... perfectly! I decided to buy tickets for Vince and Honey (my friend and her son) as well and crossed my fingers, hoping that they would enjoy what this show has to offer...

* It was a bit raining :(

Vince was a bit reluctant in the start to interact but little by little, he gave in... :)

There was some characters roaming around the area so we decided to take some pictures with them as a remembrance...

We were not able to go around because of the weather and we had to do another stop...
Stanley Park.

Vancouver International Children's Festival
Granville Island

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whistler with the Kiddos

Whistler is a place for Sport's Enthusiast...
and maybe a sightseeing haven for those not into sports...

* Whistler Blackcomb

* These two babies are finally getting the connection...

* The Circles that symbolizes the Olympic Games

* I have no idea what the structure in the background is..,
maybe when there are no kiddos we can do something sporty
that is in our range-meaning BEGINNER!

* Must try Ice Cream since they won an award for Best Ice cream in the World somewhere,
and Canada's Best Ice Cream via Reader's Digest

* This is our forte- the PLAY AREA.

Kimi was actually tired by this time because of her cough but she miraculously came alive as soon as she saw this play area... I love the soft flooring that cushions the kids falling but then some of the items for playing was hard. Maybe I am too presumptuous in thinking that if the flooring is soft, all the toys are also child friendly...
he he!

* Honey and I loved this rotating plaything

It was not as easy as it looks to balance yourself with a baby in your lap so this was a bit difficult than we let on... of course, there is a camera so we had to smile :)

* Bear Sighting

This was unexpected but such an experience, It was unfortunate though that Vince was sleeping when the bear decided to make an appearance since Daddy Vince has been scaring Vince to behave, or else Yogi Bear will come, Kimi is still going on and on how she saw a Yogi Bear...

Kimi this is not a Yogi Bear! It is a Baby Bear.
Kimi: No Mommy, It is a Papa Bear... (I guess this looks big for her...)

Short stroll at Shannon Falls

Going to Whistler means passing by a little area known as Squamish. One of the must see here is the tall fall in the province by the name of Shannon Falls. th has earned it's reputation as one of the favorite picnic spots around...and it's not hard to see why.
* Bark Photoshoot Fun

* Picnic Tables are of good distance and well maintained

* Little Kiddos Unite

* The view of the Shannon Falls in the background

* More Shannon Falls...

* And our Little boys taking in the views as well to Whistler next :)

Character Mascots @ Whistler

One of the top few places in Canada is the Winter Olympic Venue, Whistler.

Being with kids this time, I was a bit worried that going on a long trip and just a few strolls (most of the activities are for 42" tall and up which means that none of them would be able to join ANY activity yet) would not suffice since they would be fidgety from a long ride and would demand some sort of an attraction to see.

I was glad though that we went there on a Sunday, we were able to chance upon an event of some sort with balloon makers doing colorful hats for FREE.

Roaming mascots such as a Fairy Lady, Extra Tall Man and some Human Bird you can pose with.

* * * * *

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cruisin' Downtown Vancouver

Downtown... This is where everything monumental happens.
...this is the Heart of Vancouver City.
so it is quite natural that a visit to Downtown, Vancouver be a part of our itinerary...

We were aiming for a Total Canadian experience so off to the Skytrain we go from Pacific Centre-
One of the High End Mall to Waterfront Station (Last Stop), from here, we went on to board the SeaBus,
which was a good 15 minutes ride to Lonsdale Quay.

* Skytrain and SeaBus First Timers :)

* Lonsdale Quay

I've always passed by this stall again and again but knowing Karl, I know that he doesn't like oyster so I always end up eating those foods he likes: crepes and fish and chips. I am soooo glad that my friend, Honey, was also unto oysters and I was finally able to taste this fresh KUSSHI... How I wish I've tried this way back... OH WELL! At least, NOW I know.

* Fresh and Succulent.

I know that we just had a light snack but as soon as we got out of the skytrain and into the street, we saw the Japadog cart which was also a must try, so off we go to order but decided to share one between two.

* Anthony Bourdain featured this on FOOD NETWORK

Canada's busiest port (Canada Place) was next and a loooooong walk and stroller push, we reached Joe Fresh. I am so sorry we didn't get any pictures because we were so happy to finally be able to reach Joe Fresh and start shopping.
* Canada Place and Robson Street

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fortune House Lunch

Finally! Vince and Kimi met when my friend Honey (Kimi's god mother) finally took the plunge and book for a short vacation here in Vancouver...

* * * * *
Thanks to
Ver and Honey 
for choosing Vancouver 
as your choice of vacation

Burnaby, B.C.

Gifts from L.A.

having you come and visit us is more than enough but...

These gifts are very much appreciated :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Around the World Ballet Recital

It was a special day for Kalen because she will be showcasing months of hard work as a ballet student into a short dance in the form of a recital. Being a kid, she hasn’t shown any nervousness towards the show but was as chatty as ever on the way to the venue.

* Tickets to see the show

Looking back to the time when we watched Kaos in Manila, I'd like to expose Kimi to more shows as a way to bond and to pave the way for her to appreciate music and art... so, Kimi was my date :) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

* Paris Inspired Look

* Guide to the show

* The Pretty Performer, Kalen

* Exquisite Egyptian Girls

* Statuesque and Regal :)

* Paris vs Egypt...

* * * * *
Gateway Theatre
Richmond, B.C.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Burnaby Village Museum: Free for 40

I've been eyeing Burnaby Village Museum for awhile now but always stopped myself from going because I always thought that the there was an entrance fee and that Kimi might be too young to enjoy these kind of places. Besides, I was thinking that since she is now going to school, she is bound to have a field trip there anyway...

I am really glad to finally got the chance to check it out for free... Because it's their 40th year, Burnaby Village Museum entrance fee are waived until Labour Day (September 5, 2011). Yihee!

* Entrance Area

* Wooden bridge pathway to the actual village

* Street signs

* Love Farmhouse

* Fountain

* Eli was so happy to see the train

Thanks to Dio for meeting up with me here :) It was fun to see you.
Till next meet up

* Knockout after running around the village

I am planning to go back soon with Kimi :) to take more pictures

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.


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