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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Around the World Ballet Recital

It was a special day for Kalen because she will be showcasing months of hard work as a ballet student into a short dance in the form of a recital. Being a kid, she hasn’t shown any nervousness towards the show but was as chatty as ever on the way to the venue.

* Tickets to see the show

Looking back to the time when we watched Kaos in Manila, I'd like to expose Kimi to more shows as a way to bond and to pave the way for her to appreciate music and art... so, Kimi was my date :) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

* Paris Inspired Look

* Guide to the show

* The Pretty Performer, Kalen

* Exquisite Egyptian Girls

* Statuesque and Regal :)

* Paris vs Egypt...

* * * * *
Gateway Theatre
Richmond, B.C.

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