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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Date with Hubby and Kimi for Mom's Day

I have been hounding my hubby for a date for some time now. Something always came up before the date night and we ended up cancelling every time.

Finally able to squeeze one date, I guess we need to do it since it is also Mother's Day. I know it was just us 3 but it would be hard to bring the little one since he is at his tantrum stage... I don't recall Kimi being this difficult at this age.... I hope it will get better soon...

We decided to do Steaks this time... My Idea! Hubby relented because it's my day he he!

The steak was really good (the rave about the steak here is sooo true!) the outside was a bit charred and has a saltiness to it while the inside was soft... I love it a lot and I was really full but happy after. The Aji Tuna hubby ordered was good as well, I was a bit worried hubby might not find anything he likes but he was all praises as well for his order. Kimi, on the other hand, got the Penne with Tomato sauce from the Child's Menu. It was a good size for a child. A little bit sweet maybe to fit a child's palate.

Thank you hubby... I love you!

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