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Friday, May 06, 2011

Mother's day Tea Party

This was my first ever tea party for mother's day in school and I was the one who was excited.

Kimi was calmed and composed. It was just an ordinary day for her despite her knowing that she is doing something "special"  for mother's day. She said that it was a surprise but I think it was a song because of all the singing with gibberish lyrics she was doing every night...

* Ready for the mini concert

I was actually the second one to arrive to wait behind the closed door of the mini party and saw the first student girl arrived dressed up to the nines. I kinda panicked because I thought that they were supposed to wear a dress when in fact I was thinking of letting her wear something special but decided against that path, thinking that I might look too excited... I breathed a sigh of relief when i saw the third classmate coming in in regular clothes... Whew!

* Table Set up

* Fruit platter for moms... Nice distribution of colors... :) kudos!

* Chocolate and Cinnamon Bun Tray cut in half and plated tastefully

* Nice Teapot.. perfect for mom

* Tea cup and saucer- the kids had to serve us today.

* These said it all

* Being the youngest, Kimi was one of the smallest...
It has it`s advantage, she doesn`t have to worry about anyone blocking her
(videos of the mini concert to follow)

* Story time before the light snack

* Picture with Miss Sheila, one of the 2 teachers
Shekinah and Kyla

* More Pictures....

* Kimi`s card.... and necklace made of straw and paper flowers

* Not the best handwriting...yet! but the message is just precious

* Kimi examining her handwork...

* Kimi and Mommy`s choice of wardrobe...
Lotsa of love so a big heart for the top

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