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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Nature-themed Park

* Kenzo ready for a day out... tinkering with the pod dock...again!??

It was a nice day outside and we decided to pass by a park on our way home from the mall

* Kenzo..FREE AT LAST!!!!

It was a bit different from other parks we've gone to, the theme of the park is nature. 

* Kimi stands beside the orange sculpture that looks like corals

* Reminds me of the Pirate of the Carribean

* Kenzo and Karl taking a stroll at the grassy part of the park

* Kenzo trying to explore on his own

* Pretty lady in the big tree trunk

* Yellow sculptural posts paved the sides of the walkway as an added design

* Play Area inspired with wood

* * * * *
Garden City and Granville, Richmond

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