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Monday, May 30, 2011

Vancouver International Children's Festival

This is the first time that Vancouver International Children's Festival is doing it in Granville Island.

Rewind. Back in 2007, when I was new in Canada, carrying Kimi inside my tummy, I decided to volunteer my ahem, skills doing face painting for... you guess it! Vancouver International Children's Festival which was then held in Varnier Park. I had to commute and do a bit of a walk (while pregnant...) just to do this volunteer work....

So, back to the present. Kimi is now doing pre-school and turns out that the first field trip that we were able to take part would also be the event wherein I volunteered for back then....fate?! fate?! whatever! :)
So, the field trip comes with a musical puppet play called "Music with Marnie" and I was planning to let Kimi take a leave of absence for that day because my friend from L.A. are coming and it was a good coincidence that what we scheduled for that day, was the same place that Kimi's field trip was supposed to take place so everything worked out... perfectly! I decided to buy tickets for Vince and Honey (my friend and her son) as well and crossed my fingers, hoping that they would enjoy what this show has to offer...

* It was a bit raining :(

Vince was a bit reluctant in the start to interact but little by little, he gave in... :)

There was some characters roaming around the area so we decided to take some pictures with them as a remembrance...

We were not able to go around because of the weather and we had to do another stop...
Stanley Park.

Vancouver International Children's Festival
Granville Island

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