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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whistler with the Kiddos

Whistler is a place for Sport's Enthusiast...
and maybe a sightseeing haven for those not into sports...

* Whistler Blackcomb

* These two babies are finally getting the connection...

* The Circles that symbolizes the Olympic Games

* I have no idea what the structure in the background is..,
maybe when there are no kiddos we can do something sporty
that is in our range-meaning BEGINNER!

* Must try Ice Cream since they won an award for Best Ice cream in the World somewhere,
and Canada's Best Ice Cream via Reader's Digest

* This is our forte- the PLAY AREA.

Kimi was actually tired by this time because of her cough but she miraculously came alive as soon as she saw this play area... I love the soft flooring that cushions the kids falling but then some of the items for playing was hard. Maybe I am too presumptuous in thinking that if the flooring is soft, all the toys are also child friendly...
he he!

* Honey and I loved this rotating plaything

It was not as easy as it looks to balance yourself with a baby in your lap so this was a bit difficult than we let on... of course, there is a camera so we had to smile :)

* Bear Sighting

This was unexpected but such an experience, It was unfortunate though that Vince was sleeping when the bear decided to make an appearance since Daddy Vince has been scaring Vince to behave, or else Yogi Bear will come, Kimi is still going on and on how she saw a Yogi Bear...

Kimi this is not a Yogi Bear! It is a Baby Bear.
Kimi: No Mommy, It is a Papa Bear... (I guess this looks big for her...)

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