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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winnie the Pooh for Leslie's Shower

It was a get together to celebrate Leslie's first baby, which is a boy!!!

* Car's creation.... Such details!

* These bees look ready to take off...

* Twinny got Kenzo! Kenzo doesn't seem to like being tied up

* Kimi found herself a new playmate :-P Auntie Cake

* Kenzo is so impatient for us to go

* Kenzo trying to get out of the host's house and into the backyard...

* These are the character...
Tigger's limbs got away from his body :(
Rough ride from Richmond to Burnaby...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kimichua-ism about 3 and 1's

Whenever there is new clothes, Kimi noticed that it has a 3 on size label...
so she asks...

Kimi: Mommy, why is this number 3, for 3 years old?
Mommy:  No, that is for your size but usually 3 year old wears size 3

After a few weeks...

Kimi saw a shampoo, conditioner and body wash... 3 in 1

Kimi: Mommy, is this for Kimi and shoti?
Mommy: Yes. Why do you ask?
Kimi: Because this is for 3 and 1...

Uhmmm.... Okay!

New Deck, New Date...

* The Newly Renovated Deck... Nice!!!

* Kids MUST have some sunshine...

* Who wants some water fun?!? Really, Kimi?

* Kalen braved the water attack

* They have their own water toy in the ground

* Everyone is here except....

* Mac loves it!

* Staying safe... and dry!

* Change of wet clothes...

* Fresh as a garden Sam

* Coffee time...

* Blooming Sarah and pink...

* Sarah, Jo and Glenda :)

* This is my funny face!

* Who went up to the restricted area!?

* Finally settled

* * * * *

Monday, June 27, 2011

Loonie Swimming at Eileen Daily Pool

Bring out the bathing suits, even though it is a bit cold for a summer, there are times that it gets hot
good enough reason to plan an evening dip :)
The best thing is it's dirt cheap! $1 per person

* Can't wait to get out of the house... Hurry up guys!

* Hmm, where will my feet take me today!?

* Naughty smile, what are you up to Kenzo!?

* Behave....

* Papa with a handful...

* Surfing Barbie... Nope Kimi, that is not a surfboard...

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brentwood Play Area

Playtime at Brentwood Area is a regular now especially when my Mother in law has work :)

* Kenzo is enjoying the play area a lot and the best thing is it is safe :)

* If I could erase something.. :) Love this eraser :)

* See! I told you he loves the eraser

* Daredevil...

* Hmm what goes with what?

* This is kind of heavy...

* Going to school... :)

* An apple a day....

* Trying to climb up just like my atchi

* Hmmm... scholar model

* Kenzo, sit on the horse, not on the platform

* Picture with the dog statue

* * * * *


Saturday, June 25, 2011

USA Border, Burlington

We weren't able to cross border for awhile since K had his PR card extended...

so, when we got the card, we scheduled for a day trip to U.S. of A.

* Kimi posing with the giant stuff bear :)

* She poses with everything...this is a garbage Kimi

* What's wrong Kenzo? He is tired from sitting and getting pushed all day...

* Kimi makes such a cute cowgirl...

* Pose with a lamp post?

* Cute Dogs... Look at Kimi, Wary smile... Good girl
You know how to be cautious...

* With my Nana...and Papa

* Kenzo is smiling?! borderline of smiling and getting irritated actually...

* Bonding moment with Papa

* Tired and resting...

* New M&Ms.. I am not a fan of coconut but it was really good :)
I love the pretzels more though

* * * * *

* Can't wait for the U.S. Shopping with the Mommies ;)
...counting the days :)


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