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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Burnaby Montessori's Graduation/ Closing Ceremony

It was a nice cool day out for graduation. Good thing it was held indoor though :).
I had to bring Kenzo and it would be chaos if there is no walls to limit him from running...everywhere!

I was one of the first few parents that arrived early...

* All programs were placed in the chairs...

* Early birds...

* Mini Piano Playersss

* From the Nelson Branch, Avery

* Refreshment Area

* What would a graduation be without this... Diplomas :)

* A little introduction per student to personalized the receiving of the diploma

* This little tidbit of wafer kept this guy contented...just for awhile

* Miss Ewa is saying her message for she will be resting for next school year

* The South Slope Branch ready to do their mini concert

* Anne, Auntie Felisa and Avery with Kimi

* Sleeping Kenzo with Avery, Felisa, Mel and Kimi

* Shekinah and Kimi

* This sums up the relationship shared between each kid here in Burnaby Montessori

* Teacher Sheila- she is not coming back for next school year as well to start her own Home Daycare :)

Kimi will surely miss you :(...

* Miss Ewa with Kimi, Mya and Shekinah

Kimi was asking me to buy a teddy bear and pillow so that Miss Ewa can sleep better... Aaaw!

* Miss Sheila with Kimi, Shekinah and Mya

I haven't told Kimi yet that Miss Sheila won't be coming back next year... 

* She loves the Apple juice

* Cousins

* Marker wherein Kimi was supposed to stay for the event

* Miss Sherry

She was so good with the kids especially when Miss Ewa had to take a sudden leave to attend to her health.

* Flowers like these was scattered all throughout the tables

* Another glass... and more....

* Miss Afsha

* Cleanup time

* Shekinah to Kimi's rescue

* Shekinah is Kimi's School Mommy... :)

* Finally got Kimi to smile for a picture...

* All cleared up and ready to take some more shots...

* Last three students left... Parents stayed to cleanup... :)

Can't wait to see what next school year has in store for this kids...
Thank you for a wonderful school year...

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