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Friday, June 17, 2011

Kenzo @ 18 months

6 months passed and Kenzo has grown up a lot...

He is still not talking in words... Gibberish baby talks with lots of pointing and a bit of frustration when he doesn't get what he wants... He finally learned how to shook his head no... :(
PAPA is still his choice of words which he says repeatedly within the day.
PAPA for Dad and PA, chinese word for Hit... Sigh*

Diaper is now up to Size 5 with clothes 18 months and some 12-18 months.
He finally have 7 teeth.
4 upper and 3 lower.
He weighs 25.5 lbs this month

He is now on the clingy stage... he cries when I am out of sight and clings to my leg when he sees me leaving the room without him. He loves Kimi a lot and tries to hit her with his hands... Kimi doesn't appreciate that a lot, thinking that Kenzo is hitting her but that was just his way of playing. He knows though that if you said PAT, he will stop hitting and pat Kimi's head like a dog... he he!

* Little snooper looking over Kimi's shoulder 
to see what game she is playing in the Ipad

Kenzo was barely walking by month 11, he always need support and ends up crawling after a few steps.
Now, it is so hard to keep up with him... He loves to climb up chairs to get something from the table and he is so fast climbing up and down the stairs that it scares me sometimes. 

* Big boy

He behaves when he knows that he is finally going out, he stays put in his car seat and look contentedly outside when the car is on the move. Whenever he passes the shoe area, he always go to the shoe bin and tries to find his favorite pair of shoes and sits on the first step of the stair, making some gibberish talk, he puts up his hands with both shoes signalling us to put it on him.

* Costco shopping with Atchie Kimi

Kenzo loves to sleep. The difference between Kimi and Kenzo is when Kimi was a baby, we take turns (mostly Karl) rocking her to sleep. Kenzo doesn't need that kind of rocking motion, he just needs to drink his milk (Yup, he loves to eat and as they say that a way to a little man's heart is through is stomach holds true to this little guy...) and he will start his ritual of pinching the neck of whoever is holding him until he fell asleep. You would know that he is finally sleeping when the pinching gets slower, and eventually stops followed by a baby snoring... Yup, he snores really loud for someone his size...

* Knockout....

Eating is easy with both Kimi and Kenzo. :) THANK YOU!
Both of them are not choosy. They love to eat anything and I am so happy that candies and sweets are not part of their daily diet. They get their sweets from fruits. 

* Kenzo's favorite sign language...

Whenever Kimi starts eating something, Kenzo always put out his hand automatically...
and if Kimi doesn't give right away, you'd surely hear him shouting exasperatedly over the unfairness of it all.

* Canucks fans...

They do love each other despite the shouting match happening daily here at home.
Kenzo face lights up whenever he hears the door open signalling Kimi's return from school. He scoots down from the sofa up stair and looks down from the baluster to greet his older sister with a big shout of welcome and a wave. Then he goes on all fours and crawls backward to start his descend from Nana's to his house. I refer to him affectionately as my little homing pigeon.

* Getting a taste of Kimi's hair

Kenzo loves his freedom and open spaces. Whenever we go to parks or even just our own backyard. His face will break into a big grin. His favorite toy when he comes out into the backyard is the orange basketball.

* At home with a ball in his hands...

* Little Kenzo getting too active for mommy


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