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Friday, June 10, 2011

One more Stanley

I am not much of a hockey fan but I can't help but get affected from the way people seems to be so into the game here in Canada.

In the office, you'd see co-workers in Canucks jersey or at the very least an accessory like a hat to show their support....and every time it is "game" day, you'd be a blind man not to take notice because a lot of the cars have Canucks flags on both side of the front car doors and even the pedestrians are wearing blue, green and white shirts with different Canuck-related logos.

Now that we are almost on the brink of getting the cup, even I just got to show my support to our hockey team by purchasing Canucks shirts.... kids shirt being the cheapest :) and had them wear for tonights game. I even taught Kimi how to chant the "Go Canucks Go!" and letting her do a special dance, convincing her that it will help the team score he he!

Way to Go Canucks!!! One more win to go...
Finish it on GAME 6.

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