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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sports Day at Queens Park

Summer is coming and Sport Day's finally here...

Our Sports Day was held in Queens Park.

* Kimi was in the yellow team

* Tug of war....

* The Classic Sack Race

There are actually a lot of videos but I dare not post for fear that you might think I am some sort of a lunatic barking out instructions while the game was ongoing :) so... just pictures :)

* Posing with Shekinah

* My teachers...

* Different Branches of Burnaby Montessori..
so my 2nd cousin Caitlyn is here with Avery as well

* Mommy's Handmade tattoo

* I made a Picachu tattoo too :)

* Anne (Karl's cousin) is the real tattoo volunteer in the Sports Day

* Canucks Fan Banner

* Kenzo's Motto: NO FEAR!

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