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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Watching Revue 2011

There were 2 shows that Kimi was in:

June 18th and 19th.

I decided to watch the Saturday show and leave the Sunday show to hubby.

We had to watch it separately because I have to drive Kimi on both days and hubby can't go on Sunday to watch. I volunteered for Sunday to help with the wardrobe change instead to get a feel of the backstage scene as well.

* The Program

I wasn't able to get much photos when I watched the show because I wanted to watch it firsthand and not behind a lens..

* Waiting for the curtains to rise...
I was the one getting butterflies in my stomach

* Kimi's so lucky she got supporters who came all the way to cheer her on
...with flowers pa!

Kimi did 2 dances. Her first one was tap dance. It was really funny, I guess she wasn't expecting a lot of people (Note: There was no audience at all at their dance rehearsal a week ago) because as soon as she got on stage and the music started, she was frozen from where she was standing, scanning the crowd. She finally snapped out when the music was finally coming to an end and she just did the part wherein she was supposed to be on her tummy and shake their feet up in the air. I wasn't able to take a picture of the lion costume on the first day...

* Intermission*

* Kimi was soooo happy to see Auntie Twinny,
she asked if Auntie Twinny is also there for the next day, uhhhm...

* Uncle Stone also made his presence felt :)

The second one was the ballet number. We decided to try another strategy. As soon as the curtain went up, Twinny and I decided to let Kimi see us...and it actually worked! She finally danced the whole number and even made an OK sign to us as the middle of the number which made the audience laugh at her antics onstage... I was so happy that she finally decided to do the dance on the second number...Whew! I guess she was just looking for us in the audience...tsk tsk!

* So happy to get it over and done with...

* Goofing around X-)

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