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Friday, July 29, 2011

Art from Home to Home

Glenda and I wasn't able to go to Michael's Tuesday Art Event featuring China. They made Sand Art for that class.

I decided to buy 3 Sand Art kit for the kids who missed the class :)

We did ours at home and so did Kalen and Justin. 
This is a fool proof art that kids would enjoy. Parent's Supervision is a must since it involves small sugar-like particles.I actually caught Kimi on the verge of tasting some of these. Uh oh! 

* Kimi doing her BIG EYES smile...
I usually tease her that when she smiles, her eyes turns into slit
Kimi! No eyes, Big Eyes, hence, this face... HA HA!
I sooo love this girl...

I think Kimi thought that this is sort of like the sprinkles we used when we do baking projects....

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