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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beacon Hill Children's Farm

Our First stop as soon as we arrived in Victoria was the Beacon Hill Farm, 5 minutes walk from Downtown, Victoria according to the sites I've researched.

I've been to Victoria 2X and both are via Tour buses that goes to the same places: Mile-O, Parliament Bldg, and the Butchart Garden.

I decided to do a Victoria long weekend with the family just because I recently got a deal for a hotel with a really good it is a really nice hotel too! (More on that with the next post...)

Beacon Hill Park is a big park that consists of a Farm, Water Park, Fountain with ducks and of course a really nice Garden. I think there is more to the park but we weren't able to explore it to it's fullest. We aimed to go to the part where the kids will surely enjoy: Beacon Hill Farm.

I've been searching up on what to do in Victoria with Toddlers. Travelling with toddlers are a different experience. There are a lot of limitations and planning ahead will surely pay off in the end. I initially thought that the Victoria Bug Zoo and Miniature World will be on top of our list but crossed them off when I read some of the blogs that actually says that going to those with Toddlers is a not such a good idea. From this site, I learned that there is a petting zoo near our area and when I read the description, I became more interested...
* Pig Pen

This was such a hit with Kimi, she actually climbed her way into the side of the fence and kept on calling the pig and her babies. We actually saw the piglets running towards their mom for some milk. It was so funny when the piglets were literally running over each other to get to the Mommy piggy. it was also such a treat since this babies were just born July 12, 2011. 

* Piglets so excited to get to their mommy's milk

* Animals within the farm...

We were able to see a lot of animals in this farms. It is a relatively small farm but I think this was the farm the kids enjoyed the most. 

* Kimi making me take her picture...again!

* Petting Zoo: Enter at your own Risk

Maybe it is the age or maybe it is really because of these delightful Pygmy Goats. They are smaller than the goats at Maplewood Farm and they don't smell which I appreciate a lot since Kenzo thinks that these goats are just kids with four legs. He keeps on going close for their faces and blabbing,  or he goes behind them and pulls the tail. Good thing though that these cute creatures are use to all the poking and prodding from little hands so Kenzo was safe. Whew!

* A video of Kimi and Kenzo taking turns to pat the goat
...and Kenzo following the goat to their drinking water and contemplating of drinking from the pail...

Kenzo and Kimi enjoyed themselves in this little pen. They pat and they brush the goats. Kimi was more cautious while Kenzo just goes to the goat without any qualms. NO FEAR! Sigh*

* Snapshots of Petting the goats

* Pygmy goats in snapshots

* Close encounter with the goat...

* One of the KIDs

Kid- Small goat... ha ha!

I just couldn't resist posting the last picture.It looks as if Kenzo is trying to talk to these kids... So Funny!

* * * * *
Victoria, B.C.

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