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Friday, July 01, 2011

Canada Day Menu... Part 2

* The Setup
Kimi`s flag in frames served as tray for the brownies :)

* Little labels for the desserts

* Popcorn maker courtesy of Les and EJ 

* Kimi`s Lemonade Stand :)

Freckled Lemonade
* * *
Lemonade Minute Maid

* Cheese Ball Monster

* Pork Barbeque and Sausages

* Veggie Kebabs from Steph and Nico

* Rib Eye Steak Beef Skewers by Jason...

* Stone and Twins Sausauges

* Corn courtesy of Steph and Nico :)

* Made with love brownies 

* Les made this..had these in one sitting... YUMMY!

Wasn`t able to take pictures of the others...
Sorry... Everything was soo good!

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