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Friday, July 01, 2011

Canada Day People... part 3

* Kimi manning the Lemonade stand

* Uncle Stone doing his Quality check

* First cutomers... $0.02 !!! and counting...

* The Expecting mom :) and the expecting aunt

* Eron is the appointed Kimi guardian for the day

* Everyone is hovering for more food...

* Serious Cook...Chef pala

* Canada Flag... Si Les ang pole :)

* Kenzo training for Azkal team... 

* Practicing for baby shots... Baby-razzi EJ

* Waiting for the corn

* Watermelon carrier Jason

* Flex those muscles Bert

* Relatives came to join the BBQ too

* Caitlyn and Kimi enjoyed the bike

* Kimi making silly poses

* Taking a breather from all the noise in the garden

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