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Friday, July 01, 2011

Canada Day Preparation...Part 1

We decided to do our own Canada Day celebration at home this year.

It actually started with Kimi asking to copy the Lemonade stand in her favorite cartoon, Max and Ruby.
The plan started to form from there and escalated to a full on potluck BBQ with the Ican group.

* Kimi tried her hand with her kiddie scissor and cut the stripes
for her flag

I had to fill this up with Pork BBQ sticks... ready to cook mode 
* This is overwhelming especially if I have 2 kids to look after while making the sticks...
Starting time: 10am
End time: 2 pm
Result: Lots of painful pokes in my fingers :(

* Finely sliced strawberries for Kimi's Freckled Lemonade
If she is selling lemonade, it should be more than just a regular lemonade ;)
$ 0.01/ cup.... 

* 80 pcs estimate of pork goodness....

* Uncle Stone came early to do the special lemonade ;)
Thanks STONE! and TWINS too :)

Being an expert in the kitchen, Stone insists that they had to bake the strawberries and mint...
I was planning to make the basic lemonade only! But.... I am so glad we did this `complicated`
lemonade ... YUMMY!

* Baked Strawberries and Mint

* Straw Toppers to add a fun element to the cool drink

* Freckled Lemonade

The brownies was baked together with the strawberries in the same oven...
We were finally able to use our oven again he he!

* Popcorn brownies
Salt and Sweet popcorn topped the sweet brownies

* Twinny assembled this flags to decorate the brownies ;)

Now, we are ready to grill! 

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