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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Picturesque Inner Harbour

Sorry for bombarding you with pictures but these pictures are priceless.

It looks just right out of a postcard ha ha!

This was the day of the Victoria Symphony Splash which basically is a concert outdoor, or more specifically performing on a floating stage. I wouldn't know because we were not able to witness the actual concert :( but there were some people who has their lounge chairs around the perimeters of the supposed stage as early as 10:00am. We even saw a couple of reclining chair (bulky ones!). 
* Postcard #1

* Postcard #2

* Postcard #3

See some chairs on the perimeter?

* Father and Daughter Moment

* Postcard #4

* Postcard #5

One of my "must do" list in the future...
An afternoon tea at the Empress

* The Empress

* * * * *

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