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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sam I Am

A clever theme for Sam's 3rd Birthday Party.
It also doesn't hurt that this is also her current favorite show...

* Invitation made by Talented Steve aka Sam's dad

* Cake that is really grandoise

* All you can eat buffet...

I didn't brought my huge camera since there is a lot of photographer present. Sad to say, it was hard to capture the moments with a Sony Bloggie especially with kids so I did the best option I can go with...VIDEOS!!! Thanks to my backup photographer Steve and Charlie for capturing the moments for me ;)

* Steve aka the balloon guy

* Steve getting a lot of followers...

We have to be creative when you party in Canada. Labor is expensive, so we do all the labor of love for our kiddos. Makes it more from the heart. :)

* Thanks Steve for this nice picture of Karl and Kimi hehe!

* ...and of Mel and Kenzo

* Let's Sing!

* Friends are the Best comforter in the whole wide world...
you know that whatever happens, someone outside your family will be there for you too!
Thanks to you mommies...

* Kenzo amuses himself while the other children played outside

* In lieu of the theme, hence, the tie :)

* Kimi with her version of the Cat in the Hat ensemble

* * * * *
Richmond, B.C.

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