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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunrise Carnival Daze

It was a nice day out.. Finally looking a lot like the summer we are waiting for.
It's a waste to spend it indoor so we decided to drive to Sunrise Park and give our support to my father in law who is doing a Tai Chi Demo as well :)

Shameless Plugging: He will have a new class at Thunderbird Community Centre :)

* Capturing the festivities... Look at the clouds... so nice!

* Tai Chi demonstration

* Still up for some Fun! Fun! Fun!

* Free Balloon Animals

* Free Plastic ball which kept Kenzo busyyyyy

* Pouting Kenzo... someone grabbed his play ball

* Enjoying the slides

* Kimi lit up when she saw this... Ooooh!

* Literally jumping for joy

* * * * *

Vancouver, B.C.

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