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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal en route to Victoria

Going for a long weekend vacation :), we opted to do an online reservation anticipating the worse. 
We ended up not using our reservation for a 9:00am ferry since we arrive plenty of time for the 8:00 ride which had spots available. The reservation was not refundable though... BOO!

* Our Damage... $77.60
plus reservation fee of $15, I think!

I couldn't contain my excitement as I saw the gate of the ferry...
This is it! We are doing a ferry as a family.  

* Tsawwassen Terminal

Not an early riser, Kimi and Kenzo was aroused from fantasy land to make it in time for our target time... 

* Still Sleepy :)

* Trying to keep her eyes open....

Inside the ferry...

* Kimi enjoys a snack of lemon slice bread

A collage of our Ferry Experience....

* Whee! Finally... with Kenzo ;)

There were a lot of strollers and little feet stomping through the floors of the ferry. Naturally, there would be some area to keep them occupied. There were arcades, play areas etc.

* Play Area

Outside, some people sunbathe and just drink or talk in small groups, just enjoying the view...

* Family Picture :)


* * * * *
Metro Vancouver - Vancouver Island

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