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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend in Downtown

I love how Downtown picked up itself after the Riot last Hockey season. The only traces of it is the Wall of Hope with messages from the real Vancouverites.

* Wall of Hope... 

It was such a nice day out and with my babies and hubby, plus close chums, Stone and Twins. We strolled downtown in this nice, sunny day :)

* Vancouver Art Gallery

* Arts in streets...

* Kenzo doing his drama antics.... 
He does this too when I ask him to close his eyes for nap, Obviously "fake", right?

* Love this gelato especially the chocolate. They use a different kind of milk as ingredient

* Kimi holds a special place inside Karl's heart...
Daddy's little girl

One of the new additions in Downtown is the approval of numerous food carts that offers different  kinds of cuisine. We are used to seeing burgers and hotdog being the only menu available in our food carts but...
times have changed and we want MORE!

Wanted to do a food cart hopping but it is hard when your stomach can only hold so much. We tried the Chinese/ Asian  food cart first, a thing close to our... hmm, roots :)

* Roaming Dragon

What's on our plate?!
Koran Short Rib Tacos
Chinese Pork Sliders
Fried Rice Ball 
Lychee and Basil Lemonade

* * * * *

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