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Monday, August 01, 2011

In the olden days...

I love going back to Burnaby Village Museum instead of a normal park because it is FREE (until September 5, 2011) plus it's quite near :) so... here is another visit we had for the 1st of August.

* Costumed people roaming the village as well to add to the old feel of the place

* Old Fashioned Establishments

* An ice cream parlor that actually served ice cream and some other snacks

* Happy to have her Sugar High

* Kimi shares her blessing ;)

* Sharing some cold treats with Auntie Twinny

There were some eco-sculptures within the vicinity of the Village as well...

* Cow says "MOOO"

You'd never go wrong with a FREE ride with the Old Fashioned Carousel.
** Thanks to Chevron for the Free tickets :)

* 2nd time to get a carousel ride :)
Small horse for toddlers.... Perfect!

* Kimi started with the small horse her first time
now, she moves up to the bigger horse...

* Moments between Twins and Kenzo

* So happppeeeeeee...

The Train Station inside is also a good bet for kids...

* Train Station...

* We are the drivers!?

* Going up to explore the ride

* Kenzo was so excited to be so high...

* Mommy with my precious ones...

* Kenzo climbing up for a ride of his life

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

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