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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Japanese Village and Marching Band

Initially, we were aiming for a seafood experience for dinner. Victoria is actually well known for their seafood but I guess a lot of people are thinking like us and we got a reservation for an 8:45pm- Too late.

We decided to scanned through the Victoria magazine inside our hotel room and saw a page that advertised Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine. They are also a recipient of Best of the City from 1995 onward. So, with that in my mind, we called them up for a reservation and managed to get a reasonable 8pm dinner reservation. Small Victory- Yey!

We use our outdated (but still reliable) GPS and arrived looking for the Japanese Village sign. Two phone calls to the restaurant, we finally found the restaurant a bit ahead from where we were planning to park covered by some trees... AHA!

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! A loud noise from the other side of the restaurant. Being curious (ha ha!), Kimi and I decided to investigate and found a marching band coming.... 

* These are probably a preparation parade for the Victoria Symphony Splash for next day

After the parade, it was just a preview so it was short... Whew!My stomach was grumbling by this time.

* Basement Restaurant

I was a bit apprehensive seeing the dark entry going down the actual restaurant. 

* Achievement plaques displayed at the wall

It was not so bad downstair. Yes, it was dark just like any typical Teppanyaki restaurant.
We had to wait some more- but no the wait was not so bad. 

* Chopsticks for the meal

* Chef Exhibition

The meal was really good. Even hubby who doesn't eat mushroom managed to finish the appetizer mushroom that comes with the meal. I was apprehensive with the veggies but it was all so good as well. The kids loved the halibut fillet and even hubby who is very particular with steak (always complaining how hard it usually is), was satisfied on how his turned out.


Complete Order Dinners
Includes: Shabu Shabu Soup, Village Salad, Yaki Shrimp Appetizer, Hibatchi Vegetables, Short Grain Rice, Green Tea, and Sherbet or Ice Cream.

New York Steak

Scallop and Halibut Steak

I was hoping the ice cream would be green tea but the vanilla was really good as well.

* * * * *
Victoria, B.C.

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