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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Korean Dinner Weekend

Ever Since hubby started doing gym, I have noticed a little ritual on our Saturdays. The guys (Karl and Stone) goes for a little workout while we girls had our very own workout as well... (with the two kids). I am so glad that Twinny has been really very patient with both kids and I am really amazed how good she is with them.

We always end up eating dinner together at different restaurant around Burnaby. The choices so far are all good and I must admit that I am looking forward to Saturdays because of this :)

Past dinners:
* Green Basil (Malaysian Cuisine)
* Sushi Garden (Japanese)
* Congee King, Vancouver (Chinese)

...and the latest that will join the roster is
* Hanwoori (Korean)

* Hanwoori Korean Restaurant

Looks small from outside but it wasn't as small inside. It's actually a place I passed by regularly but this is the first time we decided to actually try it. Good Decision :) It has several awards plastered on it's wall and they also got the BEST KOREAN RESTAURANT AWARD 2011 from Vancouver Magazine.

* The BBQ Grill

It is different from the Japanese BBQ Grill. There was some broth(!?) on the perimeter of the bbq area and we didn't actually use it. We noticed though that the oil from the meat went to that part and it made cleaning easier. I'll try to ask next time what the liquid part is for maybe it is part of the cooking process.

* BBQ Combination

* Assorted Appetizer

* Chap Chae

I love this... Everyone at the table did.

* Seafood Pancake

I tried this dish first at Jang Mo Jib and I like it... This one is thicker and much better. It has the right consistency of mushrooms, spring onions etc and it was served on a sizzling plate which kept it hot.

We also managed to squeeze one shot of us girls ;)

* Twins, Kimi and Mel

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

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