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Friday, August 05, 2011

Mini Field Trip #1: Lonsdale Quay

Summer has arrived a bit late this year and we are finally maximizing the heat with lots of outdoor activities.

First off, Lonsdale Quay. Riding the Skytrain is an event all by itself but add to that the Seabus...
Grins from ear to ear... and nonstop chattering and some disagreement all the way to the the Quay.

* Little Girls are Skytrain seatmates

* On the Aisle is Little Justin with his cute chinito grin :)

* Tinkering with his biscuit to keep him quiet. Kenzo.

... Seabus ride.

* Justin is doing his favorite ritual when he's...sleepy?!

* Waiting for the elevator

We made it as a group in one piece hehe! Just a bit hungry so we headed for the food :)

* Lonsdale Quay... again! :)

I wasn't able to take all the food that we ordered but here are some...

* Glenda's choice- Salmon Roll?

* Fresh Kuushi Oyster

We had pasta, pizza and crepes as well to keep the kids happy.

Afterward, we decided to do a walk on the 2nd floor to a ball play area... to get the pent up energy out of the kids...

* No kids in the frame.. they were too busy jumping around for a picture

...and finally, the real event is the Summer Event: Kid's Friday at Lonsdale which was magician, balloon twister, juggler..... Matthew Johnson.

* Kids were entertained (Kalen and Kimi)
Kenzo and Justin were tired and sleepy already and in their respective strollers ;)

There are some more events line up for the next Fridays

Aug 12 11:00 – 1:00 pm Gogo Bonkers – An energetic children's band, with
sustainability-themed performances.
Aug 19 1:00 – 2:00 pm Kellie Haines –A multi-talented entertainer with a background in
theatre, ventriloquy, clowning, singing and dance.
Aug 26 2:00 – 3:00 pm Matthew Johnson – Magician, juggler, balloon twister and “real
funny guy”
Sep 02 11:00 – 1:00 pm Gogo Bonkers - An energetic children's band, with sustainability-
themed performances.

or click here for complete Summer Lonsdale Events

Time was really short for us but we had to say our goodbyes and settle with the thought that next meeting will come soon enough...

* * * * *
North Vancouver

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