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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mini Field Trip #2: Metrotown @ Metropolis

Weather here changes unexpectedly... so in order to push through, we do backup plans :) when the weather get's tough, the field trip goes- indoor.

* Train ride at metro

The kids were really excited upon finding out that they are going to do a train ride inside the mall...
It was a chance for us to just sit and enjoy window shopping for our next stop ;)

* Truck Driver Rudy

The girls were chummy chummy and in a minute, complaining mode about each other. It's more on Kimi doing the complaining :(. She has learned to do tantrums recently...Sigh* She wasn't like that to straighten that out...SOON!

* Train is my runway...

...After the train ride, we stopped right in front of Disney. Pretty convenient eh?!
So off we go to pay Disney Store a visit.

* Kalen struts her gymnastic skill...

* Kimi tries her best...sorry baby, that is not a split... at all!

One of the interactive spaces inside Disney is the Princess mirror. Just pick up any Princess merchandise and swipe it in front of the mirror to reveal a simple introduction regarding the princess product. Cool eh?

* Mirror mirror on the wall...

We also passed by the Maynard's search for the next star camera. We tried to no avail to get our picture into the system just for the fun of it but it doesn't seem to cooperate.... so I just took out my camera and...

* Maynard's Next faces

After the kids had their moment of fun, the mommies get to have their turn...
A little peek at Old Navy

* Which ones are the real dolls?

* Spot the difference?

Then, Gap...

* Kids are having their snack now... See, we multi-task ;)

Now, back to their work... as live model at Gap Metrotown...
Come and visit them at the 2nd floor.

* Gap Pose.... We got the look!

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

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