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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mini Field Trip #3: Science World Museum

We were so lucky to have another sunny day in this unpredictable summer season. We decided to push through with our Science Museum plan which would require us to do public transportation like we did in Lonsdale Quay minus the Sea bus.

* Under Construction Science World

* The Kids had a grand time posing outside the Museum

* Science Museum Heroes are on the way...

Inside the museum, there were a lot of unfinished parts that were covered up by boards. Even under construction, the entrance price for the museum was still the same- BOO! Good thing that we found some coupons that lowered the price a bit :) from $23+ to $17.... not bad, and a free admission for Kalen... *Thanks to chevron gas station once again for this

* Waiting for the Fire Show at 11:20am

* At the bleachers... Mother Glenda and Son Justin

* Fire Show

After the show, we roamed around the museum. I think the kids would have a better understanding of the museum at a later age. They were curious, yes, but they don't have that reading skills yet to read the instructions and the patience to wait for us to explain it to them either... they just act on their impulse and push and shove the machines... ha ha!

They love the Wheelchair Race though and had a fun competition wherein Kalen won :)

* Wheelchair Race

* Kimi had fun making noise with this control machine...

The purpose of this is to control your hand and make sure that the loop doesn't touch the wire so as not to create a sound... Kimi and Kalen thought otherwise, they were having fun creating the sound and thought that is was speed that makes a winner... Oh well!

* Kalen trying to figure out the........!?

On to the second floor is the Extreme Dinosaur which requires another payment to gain entrance... :(

* Justin with the Fossils...

* Kimi's turn for a photo op

And on the other side of the fossil are the mother and daughter tag team trying to carry the hippo using... a lever... So scientific eh!?

* Not as heavy as it looks ;)

I guess, this is the main attraction for the kids in the whole museum... The Kidspace....
aka Play Area...
....and we paid entrance just to enjoy this space...!? We should have gone to Brentwood, it's free! hehe!

* Kenzo found his hole....and stayed there for minutes

* Kalen poses on her letter "K"

* Kenzo still not coming out...

* Finally out of his tube and into another kind of tube

* Just like his dad who loves lego, Kenzo spent a lot of time in this mega legos

* Kimi found her favorite in this ball coaster...

* Both of them enjoyed this machine where the air comes out of the nozzles to lift the balls
...but they just enjoyed it blowing air into their faces....

* Kimi climbed up the frog... You go Thumbelina!

* Kalen joins in for a ride...

It was finally time to go on our way for the afternoon nap... too much excitement will result to sleepy kids that will require us to carry them all the way home.... No thank you! So better have them at home to rest than we suffer the consequences he he!

* Wood Sculpture within the vicinity

* Trio takes some picture...

...and then some dance lessons from Spice Kalen

* Kalen the dance instructor

... Kimi got shy when she saw me video taping her ha ha! Conscious!

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

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